Sunday, April 29, 2012

Memory Work; You're Doing It!

Today and last night at Oceanside Church were really special. There was an excitement and a spirit that was contagious. We are going to become those families that impact and begin to change our families that will influence our culture.

Here's what happened: many took the challenge to begin memorize the 26 ABC verses. Two have already memorized them all. Many Oceanside Church families have taken up the gauntlet and have begun to put these important verses in their hearts. Good job to everyone. This is a great way you can move forward and begin to place His word in your heart. The next step is applying God's Word to your life everyday. it works...every time if you'll work it.

If you haven't started memorizing yet and would like to, the verses are on my last blog found here. just cut and paste them to your word processor and print them out for yourself. It's it e we get started making a change to our culture. Let's begin today with you. Let's be those people that believe the Word, know the Word, and live the Word.

Proud as I can be,

Pastor Trey Rhodes


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