Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Can I Borrow a Tomb? Life from Death

"In the day you eat from it, you will surely die," (Genesis 2:17, NASB) warned God. It was not a threat. It was a plea. God's design was perfect. Man's choice was not. God understood that sin would destroy what He intended man to have, and that was real life. But, man chose wrong, so death entered as a conquering king.

You see, when the actual, historical Adam ate the forbidden fruit offered, he died. That doesn't mean he physically hit the ground, and his heart stopped. It meant that the moment he disobeyed, he was dead in his sin. It meant that the relationship that God wanted with him was over. It meant that no longer could he speak in the cool of the evening to God. It meant that the fury of a fallen creation would be released on all of nature. Addictions would dominate. Storms would destroy. Disease would sicken. Animals would die. Marriages would split. Plagues would kill. Death would reign. Not only did his sin destroy him, sin destroyed all it touched.

God created life. Man brought death. So, the Lord of life brought life from death. The kind of life that could not be contained in a borrowed tomb. Think about this, who borrows a tomb? I thought it was permanent acquisition!. As Lewis Sperry Chafer expresses it, "No situation conceivable could be more abnormal than that of the theanthropic (God-man) Person should enter the realms of death. He is the source of all life" (See John 5:26). A borrowed tomb was all the Lord of life needed. He was only going to be there for three days! Jesus arose because He could not stay dead. God would not allow His Holy One to "undergo decay" (Psalm 16:10). This was truly a fixed game. God sent His only Son to death because He knew life was intrinsic to the God-man. He knew that life would once again flow through the veins of Jesus Christ.

That's what ties death to life...the cross to the resurrection. As much as we fear death, Satan fears life. He has been on an all out assault on life since the moment God created life. You don't believe it? Look at the next cemetery you pass. It demonstrates the commonality of life and death. All who live, die.

But God wants more for us. He wants life for us...every one of us. That's not the kind of life that happens just because my heart is beating  God wants every one of use to experience life in Him. The kind of life that has "abundant" and "eternal" attached to it. That's God's kind of life and He wants it for you. The Lord of life is knocking on the door of your tomb. Your lease is up. He's ready to move you to a place of abundant life for all of eternity. Open the door and pack your boxes. He's here and He's alive!

Alive in Christ,
Pastor Trey Rhodes

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  1. Great article. So powerful, he could not stay dead because he IS life incarnate. Awesome.

    1. He is the Lord of life. Death could not hold Him any longer!

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