Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NEWS Christians Should Care About, 6.26.12

Movie Portraying Jesus as a Philosopher, Not God Filmmaker Paul Verhoeven, a professed atheist, is telling the story of Jesus as if he were simply a man, who influenced his time, sparked a political movement and made thought-provoking statements.

The Illusive Gay Gene It is one of the most explosive topics in society today. The social and political ramifications affect the very roots of this country. But is the country being told the truth concerning homosexuality? Is there really a genetic basis for homosexuality?

No More Abortion Clinics Abortion will still be legal in Mississippi next month. It’s just that women who live there probably won’t be able to get one.

Michigan Standing Up for Christian Students The Michigan House has passed a bill named after an Eastern Michigan University (EMU) student who was kicked out of the school's counseling program because of her faith.

Fred Luter Election Should Bring More Diversity to the SBC His election comes at a time when the SBC is already seeing growth among ethnic minorities.

India's Destruction of Baby Girls Every 12 seconds, a baby girl is aborted in India. That's about 7,000 girls killed every day just because they are females.

Court: Third Grader Can Invite Students to Church Function After the legal claim alleging constitutional violations was filed in court, there was a change.

Syrian Christians feel vulnerable in besieged Homs neighborhoods Christians, who make up about 10 percent of Syria's population, say they are particularly vulnerable to the violence sweeping the country of 22 million people. They fear Syria will become another Iraq, with Christians caught in the crossfire between rival Islamic groups.

FCC’s policy on obscenity on TV ‘vague’ The court did not address the broader free speech question of whether federal regulators should have any control over television content. Instead, the judgment dealt only with several specific instances and subsequent fines.

Rescinds Authorization Using Service Emblems on Bibles The Pentagon has revoked permission for a Christian ministry to produce Bibles for different branches of the military, marked with those insignias, after an anti-Christian group called them a threat to national security.

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Pastor Trey Rhodes

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